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Call 602 753-5630 or book online in 60 seconds Let us take a few things off your move-in or move-out to-do list. All of our cleaning technicians are professionally trained and know how to properly care for all the surfaces of your home. MaidStay takes pride in professional apartment cleaners: every cleaning we do and we will ensure that if you are, not 100% satisfied, we will send another team of cleaners to service your home again. Our recurring customers love us and we are positive you will too. We are committed to keeping our customers satisfied, and we are very proud to be mentioned among the best on Yelp and Angie’s List. We know how busy everyone’s lives are, and we are happy to just take the stress of cleaning away from you. Simply give us a call, email, or visit to our website and book today!

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Many consumers try DIY methods only to learn that the soaps and chemicals used can attract more dirt as well as leave behind harmful residue. That's why we offer options for all cleaning preferences and flooring types, including, allergen sensitive clientele, to ensure your flooring not only looks great but provides relief from allergens. We also, offer tile cleaning, concrete polishing, wood and laminate cleaning, as well as upholstery services so you can give your home a spring clean feel any time of the year. Please call or text for available appointment times. Ammonia is one of the most useful and versatile household cleaners. However, it’s highly alkaline, so you have to be careful how and when you use it. For instance, it should be used only on natural fiber carpets. Ammonia solutions work on stains caused by gravy, mayonnaise, ink, and pet accidents.

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We leave windows of all shapes sizes looking as clean as they possibly can. We use a professional apartment cleaners window cleaning agent on your windows to keep them looking as clean sparkly Any window cleaner we send over will have at least 20 years experience. We aren’t a huge, company that will charge you to the max send part time minimum wage window cleaners to be at your house all day maybe evening. We aren’t the cheapest guys in town, we aren’t the most expensive. You won’t have any regrets. See you soon! For example, I limit Groupon customers to only be allowed to book Monday through Wednesday mornings from 9 to 12 noon. I also limit how far I will travel in the city. I tell Groupon buyers that the Groupon only covers a basic clean and heavily soiled areas will require additional cost but I don8217t do this way the bait and switch guys do. I also tell them that it does not cover pet stains and odors it is amazing how many people from Groupon call me with pet issues. I simply tell them to read the Groupon deal more thoroughly.



professional apartment cleaners
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