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How to Make Money on Facebook with just 5 Steps

As of February 1, 2017, Facebook had 1.89 BILLION active users!(1) It’s very safe to say that this is the largest “gathering” of people anywhere in the world (and at any time in history) while so many people make money on Facebook.

So many people together in one place actually makes it pretty easy to make money on Facebook. That’s because Facebook makes it possible to reach an audience who is interested in anything you would like to offer.

The basics of how to make money are the same wherever you are: Sell something of value. And to make that work successfully, you need just three ingredients:

  1. A product (or service) to sell
  2. People who would be interested in your product (potential customers)
  3. A way to reach the potential customers

Facebook completely solves the difficulty of reaching potential customers, and even helps you find out what different groups of people are interested in buying. This makes it so much easier to make money.

Following are five of the best ways to earn money on Facebook

1) Promote E-Commerce Products

One way to earn money on Facebook is by setting up a simple online store and then promoting it on Facebook. While this might sound complicated, it’s actually pretty straightforward, and is one of the easiest ways to earn money that I’ve tried.

If you choose a good niche and find a product that they love, you can make a lot of money on facebook this way. At the risk of saying ridiculous numbers and sounding like a scammy internet marketer, I’d very conservatively estimate that you could earn $10K or more per month.

This method is called “drop shipping.” It works like this: you set up an online shop where customers can purchase a product. Each time you get an order, you turn around and give the customer’s shipping address to a supplier, who sends the product directly to the customer. This is a great way to make money on Facebook because there is very little risk to you, and you don’t have to store product inventory.

Here’s how to make money on Facebook with an e-commerce product:
make money on facebook - ecommerce

1) Research possible products

First off, you’ll need to decide what you’re going to sell. You can find wholesale products on with an online retail supplier, such as AliExpress. There are millions of products available, which can make it difficult to choose which to try. However, here are a few indicators that a product might be a money maker on Facebook.

  • Good margins: would you be able to sell the product for significantly more than you’d pay for it?
  • Fast, affordable shipping: if you’re sourcing the product internationally then “e-packet” is generally the best option. Make sure that the seller offers a time sensitive shipping option that won’t eat up all your profits.
  • Niche appeal: Some products, while useful, don’t inspire the same type of cult-like following as others would. For example, if you sell salad bowls it’s unlikely that your product will spread virally, or that many people will be willing to splurge. On the other hand, if you’re selling golf products, coffee apparatuses, or makeup products then you’ll have a passionate group of people who can potentially get very excited about what you have to offer.
  • Luxury potential: You don’t want to be in the commodity market, competing on price, making pennies on each sale. This can happen you try to sell something that doesn’t have the potential to be marketed as a “luxury” version.

As you’re doing your research, compare the prices that similar products are selling for on Amazon and other websites to the cost that you’d pay.

2) Order samples

If you want to be able to actually grow the money you earn on Facebook then it’s very important that you choose a good quality product to sell. If you’ve chosen an affordable product (recommended) then you can easily order samples to test yourself.

3) Set up shop

Using a platform such as Shopify you can set up an online store in a matter of minutes. Use good quality photographs of your product for the best results.

4) Promote your product

You can either network or use Facebook ads to market and drive customers to your shop. Networking (either with your friends or in Facebook groups) is free, but can be very slow. Facebook ads, on the other hand, cost money but are much easier to scale.

I’m a strong proponent of Facebook ads. If you hire an expert you can easily get clicks for around $0.20 each. If you’re making money from Facebook with each sale then you shouldn’t be afraid of spending money on advertising!

5) Fulfill your orders

Whenever someone purchases a product from your e-commerce store, simply fulfill their order by providing their shipping address to the distributor. Then sit back and enjoy the profit!

2) Affiliate Marketing

Another way to earn money through Facebook is through affiliate marketing. Many companies, including Amazon, have affiliate programs that allow you to earn a percentage of each sale you refer.

By using special links, sellers can track exactly which customer you send their way. You can promote these links to your network on Facebook (or even with FB ads) to make a profit.

Here’s how to get started earning money on Facebook with affiliate marketing:

1) Choose an affiliate product.

Research affiliate products on a site like Clickbank to find something that you feel good about selling. Make sure you actually test (or at least examine) the product before you start promoting it.

Most digital products (such as you’ll find on Clickbank) pay their affiliate around 50% of the sale price — which might be anywhere between $10 and $2,000.

Amazon, and other sellers of physical products pay much less, commonly 4% – 15%.

2) Build an audience

Unless you’re going to promote products only with Facebook ads, you’ll need to start growing an audience to promote your affiliate products to.

Create a social media presence (and preferably a website as well) and start posting high-quality content to attract followers.

3) Promote your product

If you have an audience, then start recommending your affiliate product to them. Otherwise, hire a Facebook ads expert to help you create a strategic campaign so you can start making sales.

While it may take more effort to market affiliate products to make money on Facebook, fulfilling your sales is completely hands-off! Whenever someone buys the product, you make a profit — it’s as simple as that.

how to make money on facebook - affiliate

3) Offer Services – To make money on facebook

You can earn money by advertising on Facebook if you offer a service. Even if you only have a modest number of friends, there are probably a few people in your network who would be interested in any service you might offer.

Your friends are much more likely to hire you (someone they know) than to hire a random stranger, so you can generally get clients fairly easily simply by sharing what you’re up to and make money on facebook.

Some examples of services you could offer to make money from Facebook include:

  • freelance writing
  • web designing
  • graphic design
  • editing
  • data entry
  • bookkeeping
  • transcribing
  • social media management
  • virtual assistance
  • translating

This list is just a very small sampling of services you could offer. There are hundreds of ways to add value to the lives of others. (And if you want to make money, adding value is how it’s done.)

4) Sponsored Posts – To make money on facebook

Sponsored posts are a common way to make money from Facebook pages. If you have a popular page, you can effectively earn and money on Facebook likes.

Sponsored posts are when a company pays someone with a large following to promote their product. This might be a  picture of their product, a promotional message, or an ongoing campaign where you (the influencer) share about using the product in your daily life.

Businesses are willing to pay for sponsored posts because they’ll make sales if you refer their product to your audience. Typical prices for sponsored posts range from $10 – $2000. What determines the price? It all depends on how large of a following the person or page has, and how targeted and engaged their following is.

Even if you don’t have a huge audience, there are companies who would love to work with you if you have a group of passionate followers.

To make money on a Facebook page through sponsored posts, first, you’ll need to grow an audience, preferably very focused on a specific topic.

5) Sell Digital Products

Finally, you can make money advertising on Facebook if you create a digital product to sell. This option has the potential the make the most money, but it’s also a bit more difficult to execute.

Here’s how to make money on Facebook ads by selling digital products:

1) Choose a niche – To make money on facebook

Unlike some of the other ideas, where we first chose a product, with information marketing it’s generally better to start by choosing your niche. What topics do you know about? What are you passionate about? It will be easiest if you choose a niche that you’re excited about because that way you’ll be able to speak enthusiastically about it (and keep doing so for quite a while, which will be necessary).

2) Find your people – To make money on facebook

After you’ve chosen your niche, you need to connect with others who are also interested in the same topic as you. You can find forums, Facebook groups, and local networking groups to start making connections.

3) Identify problems

Most digital products solve people’s problems by teaching them something. What problems do people in your niche face? What are they trying to overcome? What solutions can you provide?

4) Create your product

First, study to come up with the best solution to the problem you are going to solve for your audience. You probably already know something about the topic, but in order to provide the best results and highest-quality help, it’s best to research to learn even more.

After that, you can start creating! Digital products are commonly text or video based. Use whichever form will enable you to teach the concepts best. You can package your information into several different formats and make money on facebook, but the most common are ebooks and online courses.

5) Market your product

Digital products are somewhat harder to sell because their intangible nature can make them seem less valuable. That means that careful marketing is required to sell them successfully.

If you’ve already built up a large audience, then you can just launch your product to them. Share the benefits of your product — what they’ll get out of it. Offer it for a limited period of time, or put it on sale to motivate people to buy.

If you don’t have a big audience already (this is the more common situation), then you can advertise your new product.

(Side note: advertising your product not only earns you profit from sales but also helps to grow your audience, which can make future launches much more profitable!)

Facebook ads are a fantastic way to promote your digital products! Just be careful — it can be nearly impossible to sell high-priced products to cold traffic. So I wouldn’t recommend running ads directly to a sales page for an expensive course.

Instead, run ads that promote a free piece of content, so that people can get to know you first. Then retarget the people who saw the first ads and promote your actual product.

Facebook ads can be quite complex, so be sure to hire an expert so that you don’t risk losing money. Facebook ads experts can help you target the right audiences and optimize your ads to produce real results. and make money 

In Conclusion

There are plenty of effective, legitimate ways to make money on Facebook, but all of them require time and some strategy. Avoid scams that promote the idea that you can start earning hundreds of dollars per day with bots and spamming Facebook groups. Those methods don’t produce results and aren’t ethical. (They’re also likely to get you banned.)

I hope you found these ideas for ways to make money from Facebook interesting and informative! we’re curious to learn if you make any money from Facebook. Leave us a comment below to share what method you use, or what you’re going to try.

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