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Instagram is a social media platform where you can share photos and videos, developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010. Instagram, one of the Country Email List most used social media platforms, was acquired by Facebook in 2012. The acquisition of Instagram by Facebook shows that the investments to be made in this platform will increase. After Instagram was acquired by Facebook, it started to Country Email List be developed with many features inspired by other applications. The Instagram Stories feature is also known as an Instagram feature inspired by Snapchat.

Especially since the Country Email List launch of the Instagram Story feature, many users have focused on this feature for both commercial and personal purposes. While people are sharing their daily posts with Instagram Stories, brands have started to do their marketing and promotional activities with this feature. In particular, it is known that businesses use Instagram Stories to Country Email List drive traffic to their websites the most. In this article called How to Earn More Traffic with Instagram Stories, we will talk about how you can drive traffic to your internet and e-commerce site using the Instagram Story feature.

By reviewing this article, you can learn how to drive traffic to Country Email List your website with Instagram Stories, and thus increase both your brand awareness and your sales. How to Get More Traffic with Instagram Stories? What is Instagram Story? One of the most popular features of Instagram, Instagram Story, or Instagram Story in Turkish, is an Instagram feature that allows users to Country Email List share 15 seconds. Instagram users can share photos and videos with this feature, and the shares disappear the next day.