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There is nothing new about the concept of "word of mouth" marketing. This is perhaps one of the oldest means of advertising and remains the standard b2c email list for small businesses today. This is basically getting your satisfied customers to tell their friends about your business. This is one of the most effective advertising strategies because it goes directly from your satisfied customer to b2c email list other people that presumably trust their judgment. The same concept can be applied to your email list. Assuming your subscribers like your regular emails or newsletter, then there is b2c email list absolutely no harm in asking them to share it with others that may also appreciate them.

Chances are, if your subscribers like b2c email list your material they may very well go ahead and share it with others anyway, but directly - though tactfully - encouraging them to do so does not hurt your effort in any way. Further, you can also add an incentive to actively encourage b2c email list people to spread your material to their friends. One popular method of doing this is offering a discount for your product to people that successfully convince others to sign-up. Another option is to award subscribers with some sort of free gift if they get others to subscribe. Of course your incentive should be b2c email list practical and should cost you very little.

Your incentive should also be progressive, b2c email list meaning that it gets better in direct relation to the more people they get to join. A good example of this is the "1% Discount" technique. Essentially, for every person that a subscriber gets to join your list, they get a 1% discount off the b2c email list next purchase of your product or service. It is important to watch out for abuses: require each new subscriber to voluntarily opt-in, watch for the same domains (hinting that the same person is in fact creating multiple email addresses to subscribe to your list), and make sure the new b2c email list subscribers stay subscribed.